Be flirty pink moscato wine review

But valentine's day has two things going for it—one, the pink theme color, and two, the emphasis on drinking put those two together, and boom you've got seduction but wouldn't a luscious red wine be the bottle of choice on this romantic, wintery occasion not necessarily, romeo in fact, rosé is by no. Like the light bubbly part not syrupy sweet not bad for a summer splash of something different and flirty holly riker 97 rating - rated on may 31st 2017 comment show more reviews summary winery risata grapes moscato region piemonte food pairing sweet desserts show more compare vintages of this.

While you're sipping you may wonder, what makes sutter home pink moscato so pink we'll let you in on a little secret we add just a hint of premium california rose' wine to our luscious moscato for that unbelievably pretty color and fabulously, flirty flavor bring pink moscato to a party to spice things up, or sweeten things.

Flirty pink moscato 750ml there are no reviews yet write a review our price: price: $899 points to purchase:180 points earned:8 bonus points earned:0 this unique pink moscato is a blend of muscat of alexandria, muscat blanc à petits grains and orange muscat from california, with a splash of red wine to give it a.

Barefoot pink moscato is a perfect wine option for those hot summer evenings it provides the traditional flavors and aromas of moscato with additional sweet layers of vibrant red fruit the best aromas of mandarin orange and sweet jasmine crash into each other to create a deliciously sweet sea of pink goodness.

Be flirty pink moscato wine review

Story pink slip this semi-sweet, flirty pink moscato wine is a favorite for february it's a perfect pair for valentine's day and those longing-for-spring foods, like strawberry shortcake best enjoyed chilled during october we also donate $1 from each bottle sold in-store at prairie berry winery and prairie berry east bank to the.

Flirty pink moscato would be an appropriate tipple for your next bachelor viewing or book club meeting judging from the bright and cheery label, lighthearted name, and their female-forward marketing campaign, be winery clearly has a consumer in mind moderately inexpensive at $10 a bottle, this wine.

Gather your girls and open a bottle of our bubbly pink moscato wine pretty in pink, this flirty, bubbly wine exudes sweet creamy melon, mango, and honey flavors, leaving you refreshed and giddy with delight enjoy chilled as an aperitif and or alongside soft, mild cheeses, fresh fruit, or freshly baked rhubarb pie yum.

Be flirty pink moscato wine review
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