Dating singer treadle sewing machines

Pictured is my singer treadle sewing machine dating to about 1901, previously my mother's and my grandmother's many inventors modified and improved sewing machines through the 1800s elias howe and isaac merritt singer are credited with the foot treadle and these machines became very popular on the industrial. Quilters are still fans of the singer featherweight sewing machine, and the earliest models of those machines aren't terribly far from the century mark continue to taken in 1865, this photo is of two sisters, one sewing on a treadle sewing machine one date isn't accurate but the timing is probably close. Dating your singer featherweight machine featherweight sewing machine treadle sewing machinesantique sewing machinessewing hackssewing crafts sewing ideassewing projectssewing roomsdating dating your featherweight machine singer featherweight 221 - dating your machine – the singer. Date your singer sewing machine singer sewing machines were first manufactured in 1851 the manufacture dating provided here is reproduced from the original singer company register numberlog books serial numbers for the years 1851 to 1870 are not available serial numbers on singer sewing machines. If a new window does not open when you click a link, it may already be open in a browser window behind this one close that new window when you are finished to return to this page series, machine model, description, cat no date, pages, file size 10, 10-1 and 10-3, price list of parts 10-1 and 10-3, 8067, 39, 39 mb.

Few singer serial numbers have been lost for other makes there are limited serial number listings giving dates of manufacture in brian jewell's 'antique sewing machines' (costello, 1985) for a dozen or so of the larger makers q i have a singer, but the serial number is not present on the machine how can i tell which. Antique 1921 singer model 127 & 128 treadle sewing machine instruction manual - thea donated a 1921 singer treadle sewing machine with parts & manual to the blocks on the walk quilt show boutique she so generous singer 301 - the best sewing machine ever made site tells all about 301 sewing. Date your machine singer sewing machines were first manufactured in 1851 the manufacture dating provided here is reproduced from the original company register numberlog books serial numbers for the years 1851 to 1870 are not available serial numbers on singer sewing machines manufactured prior to 1900. The date often given by the singer corporation as a machine's birthdate is actually the date the batches of serial numbers were released for production as a classic example: i own a 1951 badged centennial of sewing machine that obviously is from 1951 however, the serial number on the machine is from 1949.

Thanks to syd mcdonald who kindly allowed me to scan his copies of them, i can now present for your delight both the singer illustrated catalogue for 1933 and its accompanying price list there's links to pdfs of the scans at the bottom of this post, but while you're here, let's just take a quick look at some. Singer sewing machines have existed since 1851 from the cast iron treadle- operated machines before the advent of electricity, to the iron “modern” machines of the 1950's, many a seamstress has owned a singer identifying the production year of an antique sewing machine may be difficult for some. What is the birthdate of your singer featherweight dating your machine is quite easy -- locate the serial number and correlate it to these dating charts. Identify your old pre-1965 cast metal singer sewing machines by using our free singer sewing machine identification template identification template note: to see a list of available sewing machine user manuals click here if you have the treadle it is a model 15-96 and if it is hand-crank it is the model 15-98.

Identifying antique singer sewing machines because of the many technological changes singer introduced over the years, examining the serial number on any singer will reveal the time period in which the machine was produced to identify and date your sewing machine, look up the serial number on a chart like the free. Actually, there are lots of variables to estimating the worth of an old sewing machine, so let's look at the most important the make/model and date, the condition, and any extras that may be included with the machine identify antique singer sewing machine value from antique singer sewing machines. Singer sewing machine st johns factory the singer sewing machine factory in saint-jean-sur-richelieu, quebec, canada was established in 1904 at a cost of $1,000,000 production started in 1906 and continued until it was closed in 1986 aerial view of st john's elizabethport issued serial number dates were:.

White was, next to singer, perhaps the largest and best known of the us sewing machine companies singer the company was founded by thomas white, who had some prior experience in sewing machine manufacture the white company (still in business) has some serial number records and will date machines. Thanks to singer's recent 160th anniversary celebration, i was able to pinpoint my antique machine's model year by entering its serial number into singer's online database it's nice to know my sewing machine was manufactured in 1907 but i also wanted to find out the model number–which at first i. From these links you should be able to identify the model of your antique or vintage singer sewing machine, date it and also find out the attachments it will take there are also free manuals on a few of them for you to download which provide loads of information on the machines themselves if you have a.

Dating singer treadle sewing machines

The excellent online singer identification guide from sandman collectibles is the current gold standard for identifying vintage singer machines it asks you to check sandman was how i identified my treadle though, as it was an impulse buy at a garage sale and my first vintage singer very handy reply. Dating information models: 301, 301a, 401a, 403a, 404, 500a and 503a singer only has 3 years of issue: na-1951 nb-1956 nc-1961 this is not completely accurate please keep reading when it comes to anderson factory in south carolina singer only lists 3 years of issue for all na, nb and nc serial numbers that.

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  • The piece: a vintage treadle sewing machine by the singer manufacturing co, from about 1890 about when and where it was made, an abundance of information, including manufacture dates categorized by model and serial numbers and price guides, is available in books and through the internet.

The singer featherweight portable sewing machine is a model made by that company between 1933 and 1964 featherweight they are often advertised for sale as old singer or antique singer machines and some detective work is necessary to sort the featherweights from the other antique machines being sold. Meeker's wwwantiqbuyercomsells antique cast iron sewing machines, toy sewing machines, antique children's toy sewing machines singer model 20 4- spoke toy sewing machine in the box this toy sewing machine, dating from 1910, was the very first model that singer produced it is recognizable by the design of the. I'm more of a piecer, than an embellisher, so all i really need is a super straight stitch, along with the occassional zig zag for when i actually need to sew on a button treadle table she is my fave machine to treadle mildred 1911 singer 66 red eye serial #g1004929 i freed her of her motor and placed her in the treadle.

Dating singer treadle sewing machines
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